How Much Does Moving Removals Cost?


Our Removals Cost Guide

While we cannot give the average removals costs or a definitive answer to the costing question due to the individual requirements of each job, Goldline Removals Bedford, provide value for money and strive to offer the most competitive prices out there. Our aim is to satisfy customer demands as economically as we can without reducing the quality of service we provide.

What Influences Removal Costs?

When surveying a property there are a number of factors that we will consider and what the removal requirements are. These include:

  • The items and the amount needed to be transported. We need to determine the size and how many vehicles to use and therefore evaluate the space in each vehicle by measuring the volume of goods.
  • The type of property you are moving in to. Moving someone to a bungalow would not be as expensive when compared to a high rise flat due to access restrictions.
  • The final destination of transportation. The further you go, naturally, the price will increase. Moving across the continent costs more than moving from the north of the country to the south and again it’s going to be cheaper if you are just going from one side of town to the other.
  • Time consumed. Dates and days are important factors as there are potential fares and fees for overseas shipping to be considered as are additional holiday and weekend costs on top of normal fees for a job.
  • Specialist packing requirements. Unusually, bulky items and antiques, for example, need transporting safely and carefully and need to be packed and loaded appropriately. This can be costly due to the specifications of the packing and expertise involved in the process.
  • Access restrictions. A straightforward open-access property is a simple and cheaper move to complete. Considerable costs incur when there are access complications and delay or inhibit the team’s ability to move goods or even reach the property safely.
  • Additional removal services. Increased costs can be attributed to how much you are willing to do yourselves and what you need others to do for you. Help with packing or unpacking can be time-consuming but also costly should you pay for assistance with either or both of these.

How to Keep the Costs of Removal Down

It is important to complete a survey with a reliable company that visits your property and inspects it accurately. Therefore, you can avoid hidden costs where possible which are reasonable if you are careful and follow this guidance. If you do not subject yourself to further moving costs down the line, then there are a number of things you can do to reduce the final moving cost of your removal service. These include:

  • Disposing of unwanted items yourself
  • Packing yourself
  • Source your own packing materials

Why Choose Goldline Removals Company?

We have a reputation for delivering quality removals across the country and providing excellent service at a competitive price. For your free survey and no-obligation quote please contact us, we will then provide you with a fixed cost for our service..

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