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There is a lot of organisation and planning that goes into moving to a new house which can sometimes be stressful. To ease the burden, below Goldline Removals Bedford have constructed an easy to follow checklist that can help you to get everything right ahead of your move. If it helps, follow our guide and start putting things in place ahead of schedule to free up valuable time when moving day arrives.

Roughly 2-4 weeks before your moving date we recommend you should:

● Double-check dates with your solicitor then confirm with your moving company
● Clear the attic out
● Notify your bank and make any key decisions in advance should you be moving out of the normal catchment for your current branch, you may need to switch locations for example. Your bank can help you with this upon receiving your new address.
● Inform your children’s school/s of your move, provide new address and confirm leaving and start dates and think about any new uniform they may require.
● Advise your insurance companies of your new address (life, car, home and contents) and notify your pension scheme of your change of address as soon as possible
● Return upon completion of section 1 on your driving licence to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BN.
● Check with individual policies should you require new practises (Optician/Doctors/Dentist) and think about applying now before you move
● The Post office requires you to request redirection of mail over the counter only and provide at least seven days’ notice for this service
● Fill in the change of address part of your existing TV licence and submit
● Try and give at least two weeks to all providers (Internet/TV/ Mobile Phone) Simply contact each of them with your new address and the date from which you wish your new number to commence operation.
● Plan for friends or family to look after your children and pets during the move if possible and inform the vet of your change of address.
● If you are packing yourself then arrange for your paper, boxes and tape to be delivered to your door
● If you are self-packing, starting a fortnight or so before your move is ideal. Contents of each box and the room in which they are to be placed upon arrival at your new address should be labelled clearly on top.
● Where possible pack heavy items with the lighter ones whilst being careful not to overload boxes.
● There should be no items visible from the top of the boxed and each box needs to be fully enclosed with tape thus ensuring they are manageable for the moving company.

A week before the move:

● Contact your current supplier for electricity/gas and water and give your meter readings and advise them as well as your new suppliers of when you are going to move into your new home. Give at least 48 hours notice for each for disconnection and reconnection of supplies.

Two days before your move:

● Access for the removal company is vital and if necessary be arranged beforehand with new neighbours.
● Pack an essentials bag with clean bedding, toiletries and a change of clothes for all and be clear about where and when you are picking up the new

keys ahead of the move.

● Make sure packets, bottles or jars are sealed with tape to prevent spillage during transit.
● Valuables and important documents packed securely and put in a safe place away from the rest of the items (Including any vital medicine)
● Empty, defrost and dry out your fridge/freezer.

The day before

● Plan what to eat that night and what you will do for breakfast before disconnecting/packing any electrical items.
● Try to relax and save energy ahead of the big day!

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